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Fibroid Support Group Indianapolis;

This is a topic that is dear to my heart. There are thousands of women who are living with fibroids or the issue of blood. There are also thousands of women who are getting hysterectomies. The purpose of my blog is to encourage women all over the world and to educate and bring a awareness to women about some of the issue that women face who live with fibroids. Women are getting hysterectomies at a alarming rate. I would like to talk to women about being proactive in the option that they chose. I look forward to sharing and I also look forward to hearing from some of the women who may be experiencing life living with fibroids or the issue of blood. Let me know your thoughts.



Fibroid’s and feeling Isolated

Fibroid’s can cause a woman to be bed ridden depending on the size, location and the type of fibroids that a woman has. One of the many things that I have learned while living with fibroid’s and the issue of blood is; you will oftentimes find yourself feeling angry, sad, depressed, bitter, and frustrated. Living with fibroid’s can be very ignoring and debilitating. There is so much shame that comes with living with fibroids or the issue of blood. There are no true facts as to where fibroids comes from, currently there are a lot of theory but no real facts. However, there are studies that are being done to see where fibroids come from. However, I am a firm believer that it comes from the foods that we eat along with the chemicals that we put on our bodies. Food for thought; how does something just grow inside of you or just appear inside of you? Fibroid’s just like most diseases need a incubator to grow. It happens over a period of time. With our current food issue; of GMO, it’s no wonder why women, and people are having so many health issues. (GMOs) Genetically Modified Organisms.

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